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Do you miss music making?

You can now sing and/or play with a professional musician, born in a musicians family with more than 20 years of performing experience including 15 CD recordings with renowned ensembles and more than 500 concerts as background. An entire life devoted to music.

Making music together has been along the history the ultimate type of music lesson. Beginners would learn by listening and joining their teachers in a guild environment where an apprentice was already useful for music-making long before becoming a master. Unfortunately, this is a forgotten method in nowadays conservatories where teachers are the ones listening to advise and criticize their students (often while removing their self-confidence) until they are anointed as “professionals”.

If you are no longer interested in the student-teacher paradigm and you simply want to enjoy making music in a pleasant atmosphere, together we can sing duos (historically bicinia) or play them with recorders, gamba’s, violins or keyboards. Whether you sing or play I can accompany you both with the piano and the harpsichord either a song (from popular to a lied) or a sonata. Take profit of the wonderful and never ending chamber music repertoire, make it as a refined amateur.

Actively participating in music will boost your executive brain functions, strengthen speech processing, improve memory and basic motor functions, and promote empathy. This will happen while you develop your aural skills such as rhythm, intonation, counterpoint and harmonic awareness, as well as improve your knowledge about Music History.

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