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Manuel de Falla Music Studio is a private studio in The Hague. We offer an overall music education that makes us unique in The Netherlands.

Learning music will boost your executive brain functions, strengthen speech processing, improve memory and basic motor functions, and promote empathy and social skills.

Music literacy is as important to music as writing is to language. It broads the spectrum of our students capacities and grants them direct access to the music of the present and the past.

We apply an education program based on years of teaching experience and expertise as performers. Our pedagogy is rooted in the most important music education institutions: the Music Chapels of the 16th and 17th Centuries, and the Conservatories of the 18th and 19th Centuries. Moreover, we have extracted the best of the 20th Century pedagogy to then tailor a customized program for each student based on their skills, age and background. Currently we are developing an online course to match the necessities of the present.

Music is culture. Music is an art and thus a complex technique (ars/τέχνη). Learning music takes time, effort and commitment. That’s why we offer an outstanding loyalty program.

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