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Loyalty Plan

Learning music takes time, effort and commitment. We acknowledge and reward the commitment of our students offering them a loyalty program based on discounts.

The bigger your commitment the higher our discounts.

All plans except single lessons, benefit of a discount in virtue of a contract— see TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Complete Price List @Manuel de Falla Music Studio

RATIO is the amount of students per class.

1 = One student per class, individual lesson (YELLOW rows).

2 = Two students per class (GREEN rows).

3 = Three students per class. Our maximum due to our studio size (BLUE rows)

RATIO DISCOUNT is the amount of discount depending on the student RATIO. We do our best to put these groups together so our students can benefit from great discounts. Groups have to be balanced level-wise to equally benefit from the lesson.

LESSONS PER WEEK. We give our students the option to have one or two lessons per week. For a deeper approach to music we strongly recommend to have 2 weekly lessons. We reward such commitment with an extraordinary double discount.

VALID FOR is the amount of time the program can last. It also restricts the possible cancellations to this period. For a detailed explanation see TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

PLAN DISCOUNT. We give our students the option to have different plans according to their commitment. The longer the plan the higher the discounts.

-Month Plan = up to 5% discount.

-10 Lesson “present pack” = 10% discount.

-Semester Plan = up to 15% discount.

-Year Plan = up to 20% discount.

TOTAL PRICE is the total cost of a given plan.

MONTHLY INSTALLMENTS. Month, Semester and Year Plans can be paid in installments. These divide the TOTAL PRICE by the months of VALID FOR.

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