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Our concept

Our Concept

Music literacy is as important to music as knowing how to read/write is to language. It broads the spectrum of our capacities and grants us direct access to the music of the present and the past. It is for this reason that we stress the importance of learning solfeggio.

Music is an art and thus a complex technique. Learning music takes time, effort and commitment. That is why we strongly recommend to taking two lessons (one hour each) per week, as follows:

1) A lesson, where basic music aural skills such as rhythm and intonation are taught. Where students learn how to read (musical notation), how to speak (singing, using the voice: our most precious instrument), and the grammar (music theory) of a new language such as music. They learn solfeggio.

2) An instrument of your choice, that will benefit immensely from the previous one. We offer lessons of piano, guitar, singing, harpsichord, violin, viola, cello, gamba and recorder.


Moreover, we tailor a specific program for each student based on their skills, age and background so we offer other courses formats to better suit your requests. For more information, consult our courses or contact us .

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